• Challenge of 21st-century educators: Build a 1st-century Attitude

    New media give rise to substantial concerns among educators and teachers. Some fear irreversible damage to young people’s brains eventually causing psychological disorders.

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  • Busy people at risk

    Teachers and school-principals can be very busy people. The warning in 1 Timothy helps us to understand why nobody should neglect his family life.

  • What about an attractive woman in the classroom?

    It happens. Being a married male college teacher, your eyes are drawn to one of the female students. Unintentionally, feelings are moving your heart. She is an attractive woman. At some moments you cannot resist looking at her.

  • New project group English

    After four beautiful and successful years of research, pilots, talks and try outs the English Lectorate has come to an end.

  • Research into the results of Edu4Change completed

    The results about the impact on teachers’ skills are promising. The authors have formulated challenges to improve the program.

  • Blessings in Nepal

    Several times we have had students from Nepal in our International Class. Most of them work for the ECEC (Early Childhood Education Centre), an institution that equips teachers with skills for educating young children.

  • A light for our path: scriptural meditations for teachers

    During the last day of the ECCEN conference in Apeldoorn lector Bram de Muynck presented a new publication for Christian teacher. In his speech, he gave some thoughts about the importance of Bible study for education.

  • Applications for courses 2015 are open

    In 2015 we offer three training courses for international participants. This consists of the International Class and two intensive courses.

  • ECCEN 2014: Christian education approaching the future

    From Wednesday 24th till Friday 26th of September Driestar Christian University, VGS and Jacobus Fruytier Scholengemeenschap organised the second European conference on Christian education (ECCEN 2014).

  • Timothy about adaptive leadership

    How difficult it can be to correct a colleague! Teachers are all adult professionals but nevertheless you might notice undesirable conduct.