Start of the International Class 2014 11 September 2014

"It’s a wonderful experience to sit in a classroom with students from other counties. You are so used to your own comfort zone and your own traditions, and now you realize that those things are not quite as normal as you think."

Variety of cultures

Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd of September, the opening seminar of the International Class. Different cultures brought together in one class. It is now the fifth year we have run the programme and this year too we have a variety of cultures. The following countries are represented over the coming months: Ghana, Guatemala, Nepal, Romania and South Korea.

Opening seminar

During the opening seminar the class meet each other for the first time. A good practice in the International Class is the opening devotion, this time with a Bible study about the Ethiopian eunuch, where we see how important it is to ask questions. Questions to gain understanding of God’s Word. This also points to the learning attitude, which is so important in education. After that the question was asked: “Should we set up Christian schools for children, or should we set up schools for Christian children?” This question will be further discussed during the following months.


Liesbeth Verdoold, year 4 student from The Netherlands:“A different class, foreign students, lesson being taught in English. I didn’t really know what to expect and was very open-minded. Now I’ve experienced the first few days I can say that it’s great. It’s a wonderful experience to sit in a classroom with students from other countries. You are so used to your own comfort zone, your own traditions and culture, and now you realize that those things are not quite as normal as you think. The International Class not only opens your eyes to another culture, but also opens your eyes to your own culture. You learn from the other culture, but, as Mr De Muynck said: “You don’t only take something, you also give something.”

Student Frank Donkoh from Ghana is also happy to be part of the International Class. “"Now in the international class, meeting people from different countries and living with them is also another wonderful experience. Because you get to feel like you know all those countries already without going there. In the sense that, you get the chance to taste foods from different countries, hear different wonderful languages; see different dresses and different way of living. This is a great opportunity which doesn’t come just like that. In fact this is indeed memory worth repeating. Not to talk of the nice, lovely and welcoming Dutch lecturers who are very down to earth, ready to open their arms to you all the time. This is really wonderful. You can’t exempt yourself from lectures because they are very interesting and spirit filling. Because we believe in Christian education, and it’s all about living a Christ-like life and integrating them in all activities!"

More news

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      We know there is a need for materials and training with regard to sexual and relationship education from a Christian perspective. This conclusion comes from the results of the questionnaire we shared earlier this year and from the contacts we have with different partners all over the world. Many persons showed interest in English materials, with the aim to explore whether Wonderfully Made would fit the own context.

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      On August 28 and August 29, all the lecturers involved in the Christian Education Master’s course came to Gouda. The conference marked the start of this new Master’s program in Christian Education at Driestar Christian University. The new Master’s course seeks to challenge students from the Netherlands and from abroad to think about Christian education.