To study in the Netherlands you might need a visa and/or a residence permit.

 Whether you need a visa or not, depends on:

  1. Your nationality – as stated on your passport.
  2. The duration of your stay: more or less than three months.
    For a stay of up to three months, (International Class & Master Track Modules), you might need a short stay visa (IND).
    If you will be staying for more than three months, you might need a residence permit.
  3. Your purpose of stay: we assume you would come to the Netherlands to study, but for any other purpose of stay, please check the website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) for the requirements.

Which Visa will you need?

The Visa wizard of Nuffic will show you which immigration procedure applies to you.

Start preparations early

Start preparing your visa application as soon as you can after applying to study here and receiving your letter of acceptance. It sometimes takes time to collate the right documents required for the visa application. Also remember to check that your passport is valid long enough for your intended stay. If your passport expires within 3 months of your date of arrival you will be turned away at immigration, if not before at your departure airport.

Finalise your enrolment

Once you have been admitted to your study programme at Driestar Christian University, you will need to finalise your enrolment in our online system. In this system, you will be asked for all the necessary details for your registration, residency and visa procedures, emergency contact details and proof of health insurance.

More information

Please check the website of Nuffic or the website of IND for more detailed information or contact the International Office.