Research centre

Giving inspiration and support to teachers for good, Christian education. That is our mission. Research conducted from our research centre for Christian teaching needs to serve this.

  What is characteristic of a good, Christian teacher? How can children and young people be truly educated? These are the questions we conduct research on within the research centre of Driestar University and Driestar Educational Advice Centre, together with schools.
Our research is practice-based. The research questions come from the educational practice. The knowledge we obtain must always serve our study programmes or find its way to schools through teaching schemes and products. These are the result of practice-based research and therefore applicable and effective in the educational practice.
The research centre conducts research in three lines of research. At the centre of the research is the Christian teacher. We look at
  • The teacher as a person
    (Research and development projects related to characteristics, attitude, competence, vision formation, spirituality and sources of inspiration.
    Topics within this line of research: personal mastery, self-efficacy, handbook for Christian teaching).
  • The teacher’s actions
    (Research projects that support the pedagogic and didactic actions of the teacher in the identity formation of pupils. Topics: modern media, classroom care, educational concepts, educational objectives.)
  • The teaching context
    (Research projects related to the direct (school, parents) and broader (national, international) context in which the teacher works.
    Topics: tailored teaching and team culture, leadership, parental involvement, international experience and projects.)
This leads to three lines of research which are all related to the Christian teacher.
In this way, the research centre contributes to improving the quality of the study programmes of Driestar University as well as the entire educational practice.