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Please fill in the application form to join the International Class of Driestar Christian University, for Teacher Education. 

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Motivation (if you are planning to apply for KOP scholarship)  
What is the issue or problem you want to address in your country? 
Please give a brief outline (in min 50 and max 1000 characters) of the issue or problem hindering the development of your country you would like to contribute to solving using the knowledge and expertise gained by attending the study program or course.   

How will this class enable you to address this issue? 

Please explain (in min 50 and max 1000 characters) what knowledge and expertise you expect to gain from the class or study program and how this specific knowledge and expertise can contribute to solving the issue or problem.   

How will you address this issue with your position within your organisation? 
Please describe (in min 50 and max 1000 characters) the position you hold in your organization and explain why and how this position will enable you to address the issue or problem with the knowledge gained from the course or study program. You do not need to include a detailed list of activities here, as a specific plan of activities forms part of the “employer’s statement” that has to be uploaded separately.   

Obligatory attachments
Motivation letter
Curriculum vitae

In case of KOP: please upload the employer statement in the required format, containing a statement from your superior and a plan of implementation. You can find the required format here
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