Parents have the right to a free choice of school 6 March 2015

Parents have the right to a free choice of school. That is the vision of several organisations present at the round table conference of the European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools (ECNAIS) in Brussels.

Driestar Christian University also attended the round table conference on 27th January.

A close cooperation based on shared values between the parents as primary carers and the school is a basic condition for a balanced development of the child. For Driestar Christian University this has been a core value for seventy years of such significance that we express it in our logo: the three-pointed star of church, family and government with the school in the centre as an interconnecting factor. International agreements, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), formulate the importance of freedom of choice for parents as a right.

These elements formed the essence of the contribution made to the round table conference by Mr. J. (Jaap) Braaksma, program manager internationalisation, on behalf of Driestar Christian University. The result of the conference can be found in this press release.

At the same time in Brussels the Brussels Consideration took place. VGS NL organised this Consideration in collaboration with Mr. Bas Belder, MEP for the Dutch Reformed Party (SGP), and his assistant Mr. Frank van der Maas. During the Consideration, in which Driestar Christian University also took part, there was an opportunity to speak with Mr. Branislav Skripek from Slovakia and Mr. Arne Gericke from Germany, both Members of the European Parliament. The Consideration was attended by representatives of Christian education from seven member states.

Several countries contributed with presentations illustrating that freedom of Christian education is under pressure sometimes due to material requirements by the government, but more often because the government places more emphasis on the content of education, which is guided by the secularisation of society.

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