New project group English 8 October 2014

After four beautiful and successful years of research, pilots, talks and try outs the English Lectorate has come to an end.

This does not mean an end to our activities, however. It would be senseless to let research results go unnoticed. Moreover, secondary schools are in need of sound advice on the teaching of English. Several didactic issues have been addressed in the last four years.

Studies and pilots

Because of the fact that students in our reformed secondary schools have difficulties with their school exams, the group of researchers have spent ample time on studying strengths and weaknesses in the students’ language acquisition approaches.  Their reading skills, vocabulary learning, listening strategies, homework attitudes are just some of the issues that were investigated. When it became apparent, for instance, that the way new vocabulary is learned at school and at home is far from ideal, relevant literature on vocabulary acquisition was studied and pilots were set up in order to arrive at more effective learning strategies.

New project group

In the coming years a project group will work on the implementation of all lectorate findings in the schools. In order to do this successfully, talks with English departments at the respective schools will take place, not in the least because of the fact that teachers of English within these schools have been concerned with the underperformance of their pupils for decades. The project group is convinced, however, that together significant progress can be made within the coming years. 

On October 1, a conference was held with some 120 teachers of English, team leaders and managers. During this conference it became quite obvious that all participants of the conference were eager to contribute to this progress.

More news

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